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Lou Holtz, June 2014

When the bank asks me to list my assets, I start with the fact that Dr. Hongjie Zhu is my acupuncture doctor. When your birthday candles cost more than the cake, you expect aches and pains, and sometimes you feel you can’t do much for them. However, when the pain reaches the point where you don’t care whether they cut your throat or your back, you start looking for other alternatives, or a last resort to avoid back surgery, and I was advised to visit Dr. Hongjie Zhu, an acupuncture doctor.

I, like most people, was skeptical when I first visited her office. No longer do I feel this way. Dr. Zhu is extremely friendly, exceptionally talented, very professional, successful, and competent. Her office is a model for all people in the medical profession to emulate for cleanliness, facilities, and efficiency. I call her Dr. Miracle as she has helped me so much that I can now play golf without pain. What is even more impressive is that she is one of the best diagnostic doctors I have observed. What I have learned is not to doubt her evaluation.

I am now a huge fan of Dr. Zhu and acupuncture, and now I am asking her to help with my immune system so I can spend another year with my anti-Notre Dame friend on ESPN, Mark May. Watch Golf Channel on September 9th as I am the guest for an hour on the David Feherty Show, and you will see that she has cured my back. You will see that she can cure all of my physical ailments. You will also see the only thing I have found she can’t cure, my golf swing.

In closing, the biggest mistake I have made is waiting until the ailment got so bad that the odds are against her. Don’t make my mistake. Dr. Zhu could write her own recommendation and I would be proud to sign it.

  Lou Holtz Signature

Thomas Freeman-Circuit Judge (Retired)

My quality of life is based upon good health. As a senior citizen, I depend upon Dr. Zhu and a balance of acupuncture, Chinese herbs, and exercise. But it is mostly Dr. Zhu. Her counsel and advice contribute significantly to my lifestyle and my healthcare. Common sense tells us that every day is important. Start today! Call Dr. Zhu; I did!

Mike W.

I would like to thank you again for all your help with my situation. In May of 2015 I had a vasectomy reversal done after I got remarried. 6 months and two analysis's later my wife and I were not getting any positive results which was very upsetting for both of us. We both starting researching IVF which was going to be a costly adventure. Dr. Zhu was referred to use from some friends saying that we should give it a try, after researching acupuncture with my situation we decided to make an appointment. Dr. Zhu and the rest of her staff were very professional and very knowledgeable. I started having acupuncture and herbs once a week for 6 weeks before which might have been my final analysis. However, my wife and I were truly blessed to have found out our analysis with positive and we are on track to be able to have a baby together.

I can't thank Dr. Zhu enough for all her help. I am a true believer of this process and Dr. Zhu is amazing. I would recommend her to whomever ask.

With so much love,

Hongjie Zhu, Dom, AP, MD in China
FL Board Certified Acupuncture Physician
Family Practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine
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