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Carol C.

For as long as I can remember, my body hurt in some way; whether it was my stomach or neck, lower back or knees- I had some sort of discomfort. When I was 14 years old, the doctors were so baffled, they decided to do ’exploratory surgery’ - twice- to see what was going on with my stomach. They found nothing that would contribute to my pains. (I even remember hearing one doctor tell my mother, "she may be complaining to get your attention!" It was at that point I decided to suffer silently.)

At 47 years old, a good friend recommended acupuncture with Dr. Zhu. I never thought about acupuncture before, but at this point, I was becoming desperate. My whole body hurt as I got out of bed each day. As soon as Dr. Zhu began putting the tiny needles into me, she said, "oh... you have fibromyalgia." I remember jumping up from the table and asking, "how do you know?" (No doctor has ever diagnosed me with that before! This had been my lifelong ailment!!) She thoroughly explained her diagnosis, and has been helping me feel incredibly well for the past 8 years! At one point, I even developed ’frozen shoulder,’ which Dr. Zhu explained is not uncommon for women entering menopause. I went to an orthopedic doctor, who said I would need surgery in 6 months to correct the frozen shoulder. I told this to Dr. Zhu and she tried ’cupping’ along with acupuncture. Instead of surgery in 6 months, I had full movement of my arm and shoulder, and had no more pain.

Now I visit Dr. Zhu at least once a month for maintenance. If I am beginning to feel achy or uncomfortable, I call the office and her friendly staff is quite accommodating; I am given an appointment right away. (There is no hiding anything from Dr. Zhu. She listens to my pulse and says, "your back is hurting, right?" And- of course, she is right!) I highly recommend Dr. Zhu for treatment for pain, anxiety, sleep disorders, or just overall ’ wellness.’ She truly is my savior!!!

Teresa Parker

For years I suffered from neck, back and sciatic pain. I took so much Motrin. I began to worry about the affects it might have on my system. I was referred to Dr Zhu by someone. I trusted and the rest is history. Unbelievable..I can now turn my neck and look behind me, my back and sciatic pain is under control. I hate taking chemical based medication for fear of the side affects. I also had early stages of carpel tunnel but went to Dr Zhu right away. In a few treatments all was well again, no surgery..........Thank goodness I found Dr Zhu and an alternative to popping pills for pain....She is a wonderful doctor and person. It takes time, it is not a quick fix, but if you are serious you can be pain free in time.........


My husband and I had been trying to conceive for 2 years. We had tried countless things from fertility monitors to preseed to a hysterosalpingogram to IUI. Actually 2 IUIs, both of which failed. The doctors kept telling me how young I am still, yada, yada, but that's not what I wanted to hear! I wanted a healthy baby and 2 years seems like an eternity when month after month you are greeted with a huge disappointment. Willing to try anything.

I was referred to Dr. Zhu by my OBGYN. Dr. Zhu was extremely thorough in her initial consultation. I followed all her recommendations, took the herbs, and got my treatments. We were all geared up to try IUI again after the holidays and New Year. No need!! January 3rd we got the news we had been dreaming of a little over the past 2 years! I continued to see Dr. Zhu throughout my 1st trimester and had no morning sickness or nausea whatsoever. I enjoy acupuncture for overall health as well. It really makes me feel great! Our baby boy is almost 1 year old and we can't thank Dr. Zhu enough for helping us in our long struggle!

Hongjie Zhu, Dom, AP, MD in China
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